Making Remote Invigilation better

MyExams is full of intuitive Remote Invigilation features that we have designed to give you full control of your assessments.


Session-based remote Invigilation

Create as many Remote Invigilation exam sessions as you need.

Give access to your candidates, send notifications, then connect with them at the time of their exam - all from the comfort of wherever you prefer to work!

With MyExams, you can schedule your Remote Invigilation sessions up to 24 months in advance, or on the same day if you're in a hurry!


Global coverage and scalability

MyExams was designed by a team of globally minded experts in assessment delivery. We understand the challenges of delivering exams via Remote Invigilation, and so we built a platform to help make this easier.

With MyExams, you can add as many invigilators and candidates to your system as you need.

You can run as many exam sessions as you require, and you can connect with your users all over the world.


Platform agnostic

MyExams works independently of any assessment software. This means you can use any e-assessments platform to deliver your exams and use MyExams to provide your own Remote Invigilation.

So no matter which LMS, CRM, or CBE testing solution you prefer to use, MyExams can provide the secure, remote exam monitoring that you need for all your assessments.


Limitless integration

For Enterprise clients, our team of developers can work with you to integrate MyExams with other software systems to help automate and simplify your exam scheduling and delivery.

We have helped our clients to achieve great improvements in efficiency of exam delivery by working to connect CRM, e-commerce and candidate management software with MyExams.


Tools for invigilators

MyExams gives your invigilators the tools they need to provide effective Remote Invigilation to your candidates.

From ID verification, to environmental checks and multi-mode monitoring, MyExams has a comprehensive suite of features that have been designed by invigilators, for invigilators.


Use your own invigilators

MyExams allows you to use your own invigilators - so you know exactly who is responsible for the security of your exams.

When you add an invigilator as a contact to your MyExams system, you can then assign them to a session to invigilate.

It is that easy!

Need help with Invigilation?

VICTVS (the creators of MyExams) has an established global network of over 3,500 highly skilled invigilators, all of whom are experienced in using MyExams.

We can help connect you to invigilators from all over the world, to make sure you have all the coverage that you need on exam days.


Securing integrity

At VICTVS we are all about protecting the integrity of our clients' exams.

We understand the requirements for fully secure exams and that there is an ever-present evolving threat from malpractice during exams, all over the world.

MyExams brings you multi-mode monitoring capabilities for all of your exams, so there is no need to compromise security to make savings via cheap 'Record and Review' services.


'AI' enabled exams

MyExams uses real AI - Actual Intelligence, provided by humans, working with other humans.

We do not rely on gimmicks like head and eye movement tracking, and we do not dress-up basic algorithms as 'machine learning', 'facial recognition technology' or 'artificial Intelligence'.

We know that the key to exam security is the quality and character of the invigilators and exam administrators.


Industry-leading support

Poor technical support and customer service can ruin an exam experience for any candidate.

We know that technical issues can affect your systems, and we provide outstanding support services to help your invigilators and candidates resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

All powered by our real team of real experts, working 24/7 to help you with Remote Invigilation all over the world.


A better candidate experience

We all know how stressful exams can be...

With MyExams you can connect with your candidates to deliver your exams in a way that works best for both you and them.

You can easily make allowances for reasonable adjustments or special considerations, and you can adjust timings to cater for time zones, travel restrictions or unexpected changes of plans.


Yes. MyExams is a pay as you go service with no long-term commitment. You can cancel, upgrade and downgrade your account at any time.

Your first 30 days are free when you sign up for a new Professional or Institution plan. Your payment card will be charged once the 30-day trial period is complete. You will then be charged monthly at the specified rate unless you cancel or downgrade your account to the Free plan.

Our Enterprise plans provide customisation and payment options, along with managed services for large awarding bodies and educational institutions. For more information about our Enterprise plans, please contact us.

You can sign up with your payment card or PayPal. Prices are in GBP excluding VAT.

Our support team is happy to help, Have a question? Get in touch.

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