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Are you outsourcing your remote proctoring to a third-party overseas?

Are you receiving complaints about the poor-quality service provided by proctors who don’t understand your assessments or your values?

Are you concerned about the integrity of your assessments and the privacy of your learners?

You don't need to be.

With MyExams, you can take control of your own remote proctoring system to let you deliver your exams directly to your learners.

Improve your assessment security and save money

Protecting the integrity of your assessments is essential to your success and we know that nobody will do that better than you do.

At MyExams we created a remote proctoring system to give you all of the tools that you need, all in one place, so that you can use your own proctors, tutors or other personnel to remotely proctor your examinations.

Bring Your Own Proctor is the future of Remote Proctoring. With no need to outsource to a third-party Remote Proctoring service provider, you can save money and take control of your own Remote Proctoring delivery.

A dedicated Remote Proctoring platform

MyExams was created by experts in global assessment delivery VICTVS.

MyExams is based on our own Remote Invigilation tool that we use to deliver thousands of high-stakes exams all over the world every month.

By giving you access to the tools that we use every day for Remote Proctoring, we are giving you unparalleled flexibility so you can accommodate short notice demands and changes, reasonable adjustments and special considerations, and so much more.

All from your own-branded, customised, dedicated Remote Proctoring platform.

The benefits for you

Bring Your Own Proctor

We understand that many schools, colleges, universities and awarding organisations have your own proctors and exam invigilation staff. With MyExams, you don’t need to outsource your remote proctoring to a third-party supplier. Instead, you can give your own proctors access to your own MyExams system, and they can connect with your learners directly.

Save money

Outsourcing your remote proctoring can be an expensive cost, but with MyExams there is no need. With our flexible pricing and payment options, MyExams can be used to support remote proctoring of assessments at all scales.

Better quality Remote Proctoring

You know your learners better than anyone else and you know exactly how you want your exams and assessments to be delivered. With MyExams, you are in control. There is no need to put your organisation’s reputation in the hands of unknown contractors and third-party suppliers because with MyExams you can deliver a seamless assessment experience to your own learners, wherever they are.







What other users say

"We tried using Zoom and Teams to run exams and I found it very difficult. Candidates could speak to each other, interrupt each other’s exams, the signal would drop and the view of the candidates was very limited. With MyExams, all of these problems are solved and the dashboard is really easy to use. I love being in control of my subscription and the support is great."

Claire Fletcher, Proctor, US

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