MyExams for Training Providers

The problem

Training delivery is changing. Learner expectations are changing.

Blended learning and the use of technology to provide all learners with an equal opportunity to access new opportunities, is a great part of the modern education experience. So why let it all fall down when it comes to the assessment?

Video conferencing software (Teams, Zoom, etc.) does not create a secure, professional assessment environment that supports every candidate equally and this can reflect badly on any training provider.

And then there is the question of invigilators. Where can you find them? Are they available? Will they be professional? Are they in your learners’ time zone?

The challenge

We know that as a training provider, you want to be able to give all your candidates the best possible chance of success in their assessments, and you want to use technology that provides a great user experience and reflects your passion for excellence.

Any remote invigilation solution for training providers, needs to be flexible and able to support global assessment delivery in all time zones. It must also be fully secure – without causing unnecessary headaches for both you and your learners.

And it has to be intuitive to use and not look like a website from the 1990’s!

What we did

MyExams lets you setup your own, personalised remote invigilation system.

You can then add your learners to your system, and schedule remote invigilation sessions for them to join in with – whenever they are ready to take their exams.

Using the MyExams mobile app, your learners can connect with the invigilator at the time of their exam, from the location that suits them best whether that’s their office, their bedroom, or the beach!

When the invigilator initiates the sessions in MyExams, all of their activity, and the learners’, is being recorded via our multi-mode monitoring system. They can record notes about the exam activity that they witness, and they can message you (the admin) directly from the session. Once complete, the session activity is stored in your database in case you need to provide any qualifications regulator with a report about the exam.

MyExams is a customisable remote invigilation platform that gives training providers control to help give a better experience for assessment candidates.

The benefits for you

Your assessments, your learners, your invigilation – all in one place!

With MyExams, you have your own, dedicated Remote Invigilation platform that you can manage via a monthly subscription plan. MyExams allows you to connect your learners with your customisable, secure remote assessment environment, helping them to access their examinations at a time and place that suits them best.

Save money

MyExams is the first and only Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-based, Remote Invigilation platform. You can purchase a monthly subscription package that you can scale up or down at any time. If you need to, you can purchase additional exam sessions when you have a busy month, and you can sign up for an annual package to support all your exams and receive a discount!

MyExams lets you use your own invigilators. With our multi-mode monitoring system recording all assessment activity, you could even use your own tutors to invigilate your exams because everything is on the record.

MyExams is the most cost-effective Remote Invigilation solution on the market and is fully supported by the team at VICTVS – so you can be confident that in this case, good value does not mean poor quality.

Exceed your learners’ expectations

Modern learners have modern expectations. Exams are stressful enough without adding ‘browser lockdowns’, ‘facial recognition’ and ‘AI’ technology that does little for security and even less for the candidate experience.

With MyExams, you can provide a remote assessment environment that has been designed and built from the ground up, with the candidate experience as the first consideration.

The outcome

MyExams gives training providers the opportunity to access new groups of online learners, all over the world.

With a customisable remote invigilation system from MyExams, combined with a vendor store on our sister platform, you too can open up your training courses to paying learners in totally new areas.

As a product designed and developed by VICTVS, you can rest assured knowing that we provide full support to all of our users and that we are always on-hand if you have any questions.

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What other users say

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"We tried to make our large-scale, vocational assessments work during the lockdowns with up to 30 learners in a Zoom call. Frankly it was a mess. MyExams is a very elegant solution and is very helpful for delegates who want to continue working from home."

W. Meredith, Managing Director, ProDev

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